Agile Trainings

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If you didn’t attend any agile related training/course before, it is encouraged to attend as these short trainings give you the basic concepts of agile to help you get started real quick. for

  • developers: explore Certified Scrum Developer course, workshops on TDD, ATDD,
  • project managers, analysts: explore Certified ScrumMaster course, LeSS courses, Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • business, analysts, product folks: explore Certified Scrum Product Owner

People aren’t great at evaluating themselves, we all tend to overestimate our talents, abilities, traits. If you think you don’t need to attend any agile trainings, can try these open simple assessments and see if you can get 100% consistently. 🤓 Open Scrum assessment, Open Scrum Developer assessment, Open Product Owner assessment, Open agile leadership assessment.

Having said that, certifications does not mean much. It’s only the start of the journey.