What I Do.

I'm a Digital Producer working on software, website, mobile applications and media storytelling. That means I'm the closest non-researcher, non-designer, non-developer, non-video-editor to the things made. I'm platform agnostic when it comes to storytelling, designing and development. I'm here to guarantee completion at a particular level of quality and fitness.

I sit objectively between the project, the client, and the team doing the work. I'm the fastest learner in the room. I bring clarity to all parties by leading the charge, but I am never the subject matter expert. I champion my team’s expertise, my end users' needs, my client’s requirements and my business’s need for profit. In my role, I control all simultaneously to achieve a fine balance and a great outcome.

When needed, I play or solve for any missing part: code, UX, strategy, testing, design or photography. Check out some of my experiments dabbling in hardware, coding websites, designing apps. I have many other interests and volunteer with initiatives that promotes social good.

If your organisation struggle to connect with people through their devices or the many facets of visual communication, I can help.

Email me.