Force Jekyll to use a specific timezone

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I just realised from the post output that the timestamps are screwed up. I am puzzled. Knowing it must be some timezone issue, but I have no idea what is wrong.

Anyway, for the interim, i’ll generate the site with a specific timezone. Use the command below.

TZ=UTC jekyll --server

Point domain to Amazon S3 bucket

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I’ve recently registered a domain name ( from Media Temple benefiting from their $1 valentine’s day domain sale. So I decided to “live” this blog that I’ve been working on for the past few days.

Setting up an S3 bucket as a static website is pretty straightforward as referred to the AWS guide. However, as this is the 1st time I am using Amazon S3 and Media Temple DNS, I am not sure how should I configure my DNS. But nothing is not possible with some googling and playing around.

For clarity sake and because I’ll forget if I don’t write it down, I am going over the steps below.

  1. Create two buckets. It must be the same name as your domain name. e.g. &

  2. Upload your content to one of the S3 bucket (

  3. Configure buckets for website hosting. Enable website hosting for bucket ( Redirect all requests to another host name for bucket (

  4. Test and make sure the “EndPoint” url works as expected. It should be something like

  5. Using the administration tools provided by your domain registrar, remove any “A” records that may have been automatically setup for your domain.

  6. Forward your root domain ( to the www subdomain ( Mask the forwarding so visitors will see your registered domain instead of the S3 url.

  7. Add a “CNAME” for the www subdomain, pointing to your S3 url (

  8. Now wait for the changes to propagate!

User Experience

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As a digital project manager, I am often called upon to act as a stand-in information architect which has greatly intrigued my interest in this area.

I have developed hands-on skills on the following:

  • information architecture
  • sitemaps
  • low-fidelity wireframes using omnigraffle, powerpoint, sketches
  • high-fidelity wireframes using photoshop
  • usability testing

I always believe in validating first and code later. It is important to get the requirements and human-computer interaction approach right to avoid expensive roundtrip modifications to a fully developed system. But sometimes, you just gotta do it the agile way.

Diving Withdrawal

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A few pics from my last diving trip to Tioman, Malaysia.

1st Red Bull Flugtag 2012 Singapore

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This was a project that we have spontaneously decided to participate in and was shortlisted among 300 over applicants for the 1st Red Bull Flugtag held in Singapore. The objective is to hand-build the wackiest aircraft where it will be judged based on creativity, flight distance and performance.

I am the pilot where I launched our “Goldfish” plane from a 6m high ramp into the deep blue sea of Siloso Beach, Sentosa. It took us close to 2 months to design, source and build the plane. It is a great experience that I will never forget. Find out more about Team FlaskMLPOP.

(JS) Processing.js - Snake

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This is the first attempt at trying out processing.js. The smoothness seems really good. I had fun working on this, although many have feedback that the snake head looks pretty scary (or did they meant ugly?)

Exploring Jekyll

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So, I decided to start a personal blog. Hopefully, this will help to keep my thoughts, improve on my english and writing.

This site is built with Jekyll, a simple, blog aware, static site generator with the responsive site methodology in mind. It is hosted on Amazon S3. Source code is on Github. The typeset is Arvo & Merriweather from Google Web Fonts.