Arduino Fish Feeder

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So, my mom nag at me for not being home to feed my fish.

Immediately took out the Arduino Nano to build a fish feeder. Feeds every 12 hours.

(IoT) Espresso Lite

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Done playing around with the espresso lite for awhile. So, I decided to leave it alone. Here’s the real-time humidity and temperature of my room. Argggh.

7 things about the Apple Watch

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  1. The watch is a great complement to my huge ass iPhone 6+. The phone is so bulky that I left it lying around not within reach, or it is kept inside the bag. But my work requires me to response to important messages immediately. When I am waiting or expecting something, instead of having to check my phone every now and then, the notifications and alerts on my wrist tells me if it’s what I am expecting.

  2. Battery life is decent. A habit of mine is to wear the watch all day even when I am at sleep or in shower. Now that I have to take it out to charge at the end-of-the-day, I think sleep better and more comfortable.

  3. I silent my phone most of the time and I do not turn on the vibrations because it can be irritating when the phone is vibrating on the desk. At work, I do get call alerts and iMessages on my laptop. But when I am away from desk, the prominent haptic allow me to know when I am about to receive something.

  4. I never scroll with the crown. Using finger scroll works just as well. Maybe I am used to it.

  5. I love that I get rewarded for activity goals. Not much, but still it is some encouragement.

  6. I feel like a fool when I take phone calls from the watch. The speaker is too soft. However, I enjoy texting. It is a quick and easy way to send text messages but weird user experience of having to select the receiver’s name and press send.

  7. GPS is good. However, when I am riding on my motorbike, I could see the map directions through glances but could not feel the vibrations. Probably due to the crazy vibrations from my dual-purpose scrambler-looking motorbike. Apple maps seems fine for now.

I can’t wait for the next release. :)

(App) Motoqlik

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From Nov 2013 to Apr 2014, I am working on my 1st mobile app side project on top of my full-time job. Made Motoqlik with Brandon and friends. It is a motorists social app that we would like to refer to as a revolutionary way for motorists to connect.

I have neglected it since and rather early this month, the app has launched on both iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

I’m kinda embarrassed about it. But hey!

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. - Reid Hoffman

Fun times. We have to re-shoot our video because the hdd crashed and we lost all the footage. I also did my 1st info-graphic.

Now, I have some plans on stripping the features and design for a new version. However, I am not sure if it will be worth the effort. And I have other priorities…

April 2014

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This place has been neglected, due to a side project which took up the bulk of my spare time. It’s not ready/release yet, so only a small preview of an illustrated car that I drew. It’s one of my 1st few attempts using the pen tool in illustrator. :)

Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to’. ― Laozi

Through the visor

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through the visor

I started a tumblr blog - Through the Visor. It is about random interesting things I have seen during my rides, mostly from the short commute to work.

Mini Escapades

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A few pics from my 1st off-road attempt with the Yamaha TW200. It’s a simple trail, just to test out the bike. I will attempt again in the day.

Ever since I have started working, I realise there’s a need for mini escapades to recharge oneself. I don’t mean expensive, long, exotic travels, but escapades that can be close to home, cheap, simple, short and yet very effective.

I decided to document my escapades down in hope of encouraging people to get outside of their comfort zone, go somewhere they’ve never been, go on a mini adventure.

I aim to achieve an escapade once a month. With these escapades build up gradually, I hope inspire more to start on their own mini escapades.